“I purchased the law enforcement handbook in 2016 and information provided throughout has assisted me in all levels of policing. Lots of great information that has held up over the years as well as a great refresher when faced with different and difficult situations.

Constable Donovan Irving
Peel Regional Police

“Throughout my 31 years in policing, as a uniform patrol officer and a Detective, I frequently referred to The Law Enforcement Handbook.  I found this book to be both an invaluable training tool and a day-to-day practical resource. I could always rely on it for the most up-to-date practices.  This book is chalk full of current practices, methods, ideas and guidance for police officers and now, as a college professor of police foundations, I continue to use this handbook as a valuable resource. I would highly recommend that any serving or aspiring law enforcement officer have this book in their back pocket.”

Malcolm Bow
Professor, Police Foundations
Sheridan College Institute

“I purchased my first copy of The Law Enforcement Handbook as a young officer many years ago. I kept it handy throughout my years on patrol and now the latest edition sits at arm reach in my office. Young or old, policing on the street or on the carpet, The Law Enforcement Handbook is the best quick reference for any officer that I have seen.”

Staff Sergeant Michael Slack
Training and Education Bureau
York Regional Police

“I received my very first copy of The Law Enforcement Handbook shortly after being hired some 20 plus years ago. It was a gift from a former MTP officer who was the father of a good friend. This original copy is still on my bookshelf and is well worn from the regular readings it has received. The handbook is an excellent source of information for both the new and experienced officer. The information has been updated to keep pace with technological and other advances. I consider The Law Enforcement Handbook to be one of a few "must read" books which I encourage my students in the Police Foundations Program to read and familiarize themselves with prior to embarking on a career in law enforcement.”

Sergeant Graham Bettes
Peel Regional Police
Niagara College Police Foundations Instructor

“I found the book to be a very comprehensive overview of various facets of policing from street level to the seasoned veteran…as a former polygraph examiner and trainer in interviewing techniques, I feel that this section will be of great assistance for front line officers.”

Detective Sergeant Scott McLaughlin
Halton Regional Police

“The Law Enforcement Handbook is of value to the entire spectrum of experience in policing, from the raw rookie to the seasoned veteran. It’s like carrying a Training Officer and a top notch Detective in your briefcase.”

Larry Cowley
Director of Operations
Squad-1 Investigations Inc.
(Retired Detective Sergeant)
(Toronto Police Service Organized Crime Unit)

“The Law Enforcement Handbook is an outstanding guide to policing in the 21st century. The book is well written and touches on many different aspects of policing. I learned a great deal when reading this book and I was able to relate much of the content back to investigations that I have been involved in over the years. I would highly recommend that police officers, both new and seasoned, read this book and keep it handy as a reference guide.”

Cst. Scott Reed
Sarnia Police Service

“The Law Enforcement Handbook is an excellent publication, a comprehensive police procedural full of useful information with step by step guides to good police work. While it would be especially beneficial for new police officers…experienced police officers would also benefit from having this book nearby for reference and to refresh their knowledge…This publication provides a sound and thorough grounding in the fundamentals of police work. It covers both the “how” and the “why” of policing in Canada. Providing The Law Enforcement Handbook to police officers would seem money well spent to help the individual police officer carry out his or her daily duties properly and effectively.”

Neil Robertson, Q.C.
Legal Counsel
Regina Police Service

“The Law Enforcement Handbook is the essential book to have whether you are a rookie patrolman or a seasoned veteran officer. The information contained within is useful no matter where you are on the job. I would definitely recommend it to anyone in law enforcement or considering a career in law enforcement. I currently keep my copy in my patrol vehicle when I need to refresh myself or answer a question that I may have while conducting an investigation. A job well done by Desmond and Stephen Rowland!”

Deputy Jon Korman
Broward County Sheriff’s Office

“The Law Enforcement Handbook is a valuable source of information. Whether you are a rookie officer or investigator, you will find it full of useful advice. For experienced officers, it is a great refresher.”

Detective Michael Wojciechowski
Philadelphia Police Airport Unit

“Whether engaged in contract policing, federal investigations or major case management, this book has concise information beneficial to any police officer. This handbook is strongly recommended as an integral part of any officers library.

Corporal Josée Querry
RCMP Montreal
Airport Federal Investigation Section

“The Law Enforcement Handbook is well organized covering a vast range of topics which are educational and informative.  It has been a valuable resource to me throughout my policing career therefore I would strongly recommend the book to new officers, as well as long serving members.”

Inspector F.J. Morgan
CN Police, Toronto

"...Well organized, clearly written, detailed, interesting and informative... useful to both police officers in training and those on the job."

Dr. Fred Desroches
Assistant Professor of Criminology,
University of Waterloo

The Law Enforcement Handbook is an excellent reference for all members of my team from those in training to the seasoned investigator; it’s a great go-to for all aspects of the security investigators job.

Chris Mitchell
Manager, Summit Coordination
Safety and Security
Greater Toronto Airport Authority

This is an awesome book written by real police officers with real life experience. Whether you are a patrol officer, an accident investigator or perform criminal investigations, you will find information that will enhance your skills. The book is very well structured and I really enjoyed the tips, notes, pictures, and practical examples throughout the chapters. No matter where you live and work in law enforcement, if you are a new officer or a seasoned veteran, The Law Enforcement Handbook Fourth Edition, is a definite must-have.

Senior Officer Glen Weinschreider
Houston Police Department
Houston, Texas

“The Law Enforcement Handbook is a comprehensive guide that offers policing professionals at all levels both theoretical and practical skills that are essential in today’s demanding environment.”

Superintendent Tammy Smith
RCMP O Division
OIC Criminal Intelligence Branch


William Damora

This book is a clear and concise guide to law enforcement, and can be utilized as a useful tool by police officers all over the world - a practical guide to police work.

William J. D'Amora
Deputy Inspector (Retired)
New York City Police Department